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Men's sober living.

The Holman House is a men's sober living community where a group of individuals are dedicated to helping others and themselves maintain long-term sobriety.

We are located in Attleboro, MA just minutes to public transportation, in a well-maintained building, with all utilities and furniture included.


What we are looking for in a tenant:


  • Must have at least 30 days sober and a willingness to continue with sobriety.

  • Must have a job/means to pay rent on a weekly basis.

  • Will be subject to weekly drug testing.

  • Will be offered an in-house relapse prevention program meeting.

  • Must continue AA/NA weekly meetings.

  • Must be willing to help others maintain sobriety in a safe and stable sober living environment.

  • Intervention Services are also available by a third party.

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